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  • Ginger Spice

This little orange beauty is one of a family of exciting cheddars made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company.  It's a medium mature cheddar with hunks of stem ginger and lovely warm sweetness. A Gold Medal winner at the 2009 International Cheese Awards, Ginger Spice is a deliciously different cheese and definitely one for anyone with a sweet tooth.

What with? Ginger Spice is a real talking point on a cheeseboard and is terrific with the subtly rhubarby Cheese Makers Pickle. The Snowdonia Cheese Company has a yummy looking recipe for Ginger Spice and apple soufflé with butterscotch sauce if you want to whip up something extra special with your cheese.

Country of Origin Wales (Snowdonia)
Style of Cheese Hard
Milk Variety Cow
Snowdonia Cheese
Pasteurised Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Organic No
Snowdonia cheese logo

The roots of the Snowdonia Cheese Company evolved from the change in food and farming in the latter part of the last century. The globalised food production model was emerging, and consumers wanted to return to localised foods as an important part of their diet. Snowdonia set out with a 21 year business plan to define itself as a regional champion of food, and to build its market in the UK and in export over the longer term.

One third of the way through that plan, Snowdonia has brought a range of contemporary cheeses into the market, and is now working in additional food categories such as pickles and preserves.

Ginger Spice