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Another slice of International Cheese

Fancy a fondue?

cheese fondueMelting, sticky strings of warm cheesy boozy gorgeousness...who wouldn’t go all gooey for a fondue? We have heard there are people out there who have yet to experience the heady delicious fun that is a fondue. Here at International Cheese we’re on a mission to bring you the yummiest food and drink possible, so we need to put that right straight away. Let us take you by the hand and lead you into the wonderful world of fondues.
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Cheese wedding cakes: for much more than just the bride & groom!

The world can be a very strange place. Aside from how on Earth Ann Widdecombe ended up being dragged about the dance floor on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2010, this point can be illustrated none better than by the following fact: wedding cakes were once thrown at the bride, as a gesture of love, as a symbol of her good fertility. Imagine if that happened today!

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Andy Murray beats Matthias Bachinger at US Open – it's a great excuse to eat Scottish cheese

Strathdon BlueWhen you run a cheese, chutney and wine company – to mention just a few things we do – that proudly gathers together the best of international produce and displays it all online, it's impossible to champion just one country's offerings.
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Get some wraps in your life this summer – with some gorgeous cheese

cheese wrapsAh, wraps...those magical tasty things which cost far too much in the shops, but are too delicious to ignore. So inevitably all us hungry commuters end up buying them, and being forever wrap-slaves.
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Greg Rutherford and cheese – but not at the same time, obviously

greg rutherford goldAs we've just covered over on our Facebook page, it's been an exciting 24 hours for our Greg Rutherford. The fast, jumpy loving one did good. He won the gold medal! No wonder pictures of Greg looking angry are rarer than Truffle cheese on social media right now (which you should try. It's really very nice).

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Celebrate in style with Wimbledon Winner Novak Djokovic...on the day the Tour comes through Cambridge!

Wimbledon Cheese, Andy Murray losing, Swiss FedererToday is a very exciting one. Not only is Mr Djokovic celebrating big-time, but the Tour De France is about to blast its way through the historic city of Cambridge.

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Go big with cheese this May!

May Cheese, Cheese rolling, Coopers Hill, Cheese Roll, Mahon, Dundyre BlueHate it when people start banging on about health & safety? Love it when you see an adult stamp in an enormous puddle, purely for the fun of it? (We do too! The second one, we mean. We're big on health & safety here, don't worry! Although we try not to bang on about it.)

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Time to celebrate Spring with quality cheese? We think so!

Spring Cheese, cheese for springtimeOur cheese shops in London normally start celebrating Spring as soon as the frost clears, but with the recent temperatures the UK has been blessed with – let's conveniently forget what's happening with global warming for a minute – we haven't needed an excuse.

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How cheese could save your Easter!

Easter Cheese, Cheese gifts for Easter, Easter gisfts and chocolatesCheese gifts, anyone? Or maybe gifts for cheese lovers that make boring supermarket cheese look like a thing of the past? In this blog post, we're looking at one of cheese's miraculous qualities: the ability to bring peace and harmony, even when the children are fighting over the Easter eggs!

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Make Mother's Day truly unforgettable!

Mothers Day Cheese, Mothers Day Gift HampersMums are cherished throughout the world, and for good reason. Without their smart-thinking and quick hands, teenage clothes would rarely be washed, and dads all over the planet would struggle with tasks which mums have been experts at for years!

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